Short and short of taste.

Apparently there’s no definite issue coming around, none to aggressively rant about. Everything soberly ends when the holiday’s officially over. Once the work in abundance creeps in simultaneously sudden rush of blood to the head instantaneously follows. It’s an actual fact that we don’t really favour the task that we don’t have any interest in but maybe that’s life (how cliché this phrase is and how even cliché to use the word cliché nowadays when 15 years back none of us using). We are living in the world of where we’re only given a single purpose liberty. Choose one, choose carefully and live with it for the rest of our lives.

Sometimes it’s a matter of adaptation rather than what we like. For any discouragement I’ll just plump for there’s always light in the end of every dark tunnel. Some might not find it’s the path that they always wanted but some adjustments must be made always, or at last we might just end up being the slave by doing things for the pleasure of the superiors, forever be chained in disbelieve.

p.s : Too many things approaching now currently in this head but I’ll set out with think less and see it grow. Sounds familiar? It's taken from Phoenix – Lisztomania.

p.p.s : Oh, I've appeared in a video on the net and that will be saved for the next post. I'm all excited but that's only on surface. However, at this moment that's the rational of "the taste of fame is a case of temporary sweetness."

Enslaved Chaos.

"We've got much more control than money. You can't get everything. We live in a society where money is what people want, so they can't get the control. We chose. Control is freedom. People say we're control freaks, but control is controlling your destiny without controlling other people. We're not trying to manipulate other people, just controlling what we do ourselves. Controlling what we do is being free. People should stop thinking that an artist that controls what he does is a bad thing. A lot of artists today are just victims, not having control, and they're not free. And that's pathetic. If you start being dependent on money, then money has to reach a point to fit your expenses." - Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, Daft Punk.

I couldn't agree more, wholeheartedly concur.

We let ourselves to be the absolute victims and be controlled in exchange to the money and fame, where we are totally weak to resist, letting souls annihilation in progress.

Let us know now, that the taste of fame is a case of temporary sweetness. Ironically, said by the humble people who have got all of the money and fame where in a view they have seen what's the rave about having lots of fans and fortune (astonishingly with forever under their robotic mask).

p.s : Fame is a vapor, popularity an accident, and riches take wings. Only one thing endures and that is character. OK, this's not mine. Taken from a philosopher who thinks charisma's better than relying on pretty face for praise. We should start to worry on sinking in a world that settles with who audaciously flashes more flesh flawlessly wins. False courage, isn't it?

p.p.s : Baru pulang daripada Singapura dan merasakan Singapura adalah sebuah negara yang stress. OK, mempunyai habit off topic lagi.

Arms and the Man.

“War, the dream battlefield of the warriors and patriots, but in the end the bloodshed promises nothing..just like the love.”

It needs no evidence that even the greatest would fall.

Actually the phrase came from a small theatre show that I went to this evening. The title of the play was Arms and the Man. Background of the play was set back during the 1885 Serbo-Bulgarian War. The play based on a true story and originally written by a socialist and a literature Nobel Prize winner, George Bernard Shaw whom has produced 63 dramas and plays. It is a classical theatre and delivered in the medium of Bahasa Melayu by ASWARA (Akademi Seni Budaya dan Warisan Kebangsaan) students. Sitting almost on front row of the experimental theatre hall of ASWARA, one important thing that I've realised was classical theatre has little actions and most of the play relied on the characters’ dialogues and expressions. For a scene it took 10-15 minutes for only two of the actors/actresses pairing up to perform their lengthy dialogues. I was mesmerized by how they could remember those lines brilliantly in the same time giving the expressions and throw their voices to the crowd loudly. Lovely and charismatic I shall say. It was a delightful performance, sheer class from the two hour romantic-comedy classical theatre that the ticket was only worth RM5.

In which far more better than the rubbish on our TV nowadays.

These actor/actresses should be unearthed and prove their talent somewhere. I thought we have lost the ability to produce top quality performers but I am completely wrong now.

Furthermore, I always thought that a drama or a movie should rely heavily on the scripts and dialogues rather than the actions.

A little expression shows a thousand meaning and an action sometimes proves nothing, just like in the real life situations. Deeds done without sincerity, left without the earnest emotion. Meaningless hypocritical aggression is far more useless than a frank and genuine smile.

I've googled "Arms and the Man" and this picture caught the attention of mine, classic and these individuals must be the performers of the past play.

Looks like the scene has a new fan now!

p.s : Click here for full synopsis of Arms and the Man.

p.p.s : Had so much new experience during the holidays but sadly I don't really have a proper camera.

p.p.p.s : It seems like everybody's having a black leather jacket. OK,this's really off topic too and a possibility of post script annoyance.

Batman : Gotham Knight.

I've been spending my holiday on movies and this is one of my favourite cartoons now, if you generally characterize it as a cartoon but a proper movie would be my preference, an anime film, or should I say merely injustice to call it a cartoon. You can witness how Batman gone from a novice into the much more buff Dark Knight transition. You'll begin to understand how a hero really can endure such cut and bruises without aggrievance. I think I'm too obsessed with the film but I'm in awe much not because of the actions or the Batmobile's thrust but the scripts and tenacity of the background music enthusiasts in making the movie epic. One of the dialogues in Batman : Gotham Knight ;

Cultist: Hey, Bat, when you're flying, what the city look like from up on high?
Batman: It looks dirty.

Cultist is one of the beggars who lives down in the city drainage system. As for him now, that's where the safest place he can be, below the city soil, free from the evil deeds and immorality.

Previously, actually I think I have over analysed Batman : Dark Knight (much because of The Joker's dialogues and its plots) and this anime that comes from the hands of Japanese top anime talents (I've heard the initial ideas of creating the hero too came from Japan comics!) is just too excellent and gives you the storyline of the Gotham City hero's origin. Eventhough it is just an anime it is still magnificent and gives you the meaning of eye orgasm (how wrong is this term?) through its six interlocking films in a single watch especially with the drawings and visualisation of the Gotham City itself. It is well conceived by the Japanese visionaries. It's pure class and a must watch for genuine Mr. Wayne's fans.

(Mind you it's not the same class as Avatar but at least the plot's much better than the blue monsters'. I wonder why Avatar's the highest grossing film of all time.OK, let's not overhype this but it's worth to watch!)

Six breathtaking interlocking films inside.

One of Hans Zimmer's brilliant pieces.

p.s : The Dark Knight pawns Spiderman in any day. I'm sure Spiderman is hanging somewhere around envyingly while waiting for The Dark Knight sequel to hit the cinemas in the future.

p.s.s : Above all, or am I truly just the only one who's late on this?

Random Song 2.

"Talk don't change a thing
Oh, it's fadin' for ya
Words don't sink, they swims
Oh, it's fadin' for ya."

Well,when most of us knew it, at first.

p.s : Since holiday mood's here I am just going to leave some wise words from the net - To many people holidays are not voyages of discovery but a ritual of reassurance (watching football matches at mamak stall too is a kind of weekend ritual too). Happy holiday,people!

Everywhere mind.

What image really can describe the current state of mind?

It feels like the mind's everywhere but in the end it ends up nowhere. I guess thinking too much about doing something makes the force immovable, which we lastly ended up doing even nothing at all, motionless, trapped in our own stagnant space of mind.

p.s : "The man who acquires the ability to take full possession of his own mind may take possession of anything else to which he is justly entitled.”

Random Song 1.

p.s : It doesn’t work when one is happy and the other is miserable. It’s about both people being equally miserable whilst getting through the obstacles together.