Short and short of taste.

Apparently there’s no definite issue coming around, none to aggressively rant about. Everything soberly ends when the holiday’s officially over. Once the work in abundance creeps in simultaneously sudden rush of blood to the head instantaneously follows. It’s an actual fact that we don’t really favour the task that we don’t have any interest in but maybe that’s life (how cliché this phrase is and how even cliché to use the word cliché nowadays when 15 years back none of us using). We are living in the world of where we’re only given a single purpose liberty. Choose one, choose carefully and live with it for the rest of our lives.

Sometimes it’s a matter of adaptation rather than what we like. For any discouragement I’ll just plump for there’s always light in the end of every dark tunnel. Some might not find it’s the path that they always wanted but some adjustments must be made always, or at last we might just end up being the slave by doing things for the pleasure of the superiors, forever be chained in disbelieve.

p.s : Too many things approaching now currently in this head but I’ll set out with think less and see it grow. Sounds familiar? It's taken from Phoenix – Lisztomania.

p.p.s : Oh, I've appeared in a video on the net and that will be saved for the next post. I'm all excited but that's only on surface. However, at this moment that's the rational of "the taste of fame is a case of temporary sweetness."

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